Myra cannot wait to play Holi for the first time! What will the day involve? Let's find out with Myra. This celebration book captures a delightful story of a child celebrating Holi for the first time. Experience Holi with Myra, her way, with fun, food, family and friends.

Perfect for kids 2 - 5 years old.

Have you ever eaten your food quickly because you were super hungry? That's eating your food gapagap!

This is a story about three siblings who are famished, so their father sets out to satisfy their hunger pangs. What unfolds is a heartwarming tale of a family bonding over the joys of delicious rotis.

Perfect for kids 0 - 6 years old.


I love love love the illustrations and gently rhyming Hindi story. Also love that the main caregiver is a loving Papa which provides a much needed gender-equal family representation. This book would be perfect for parents who are fluent Hindi speakers looking for high quality, original storytelling and authentic illustrations for their young children.

five star rating

This is such a captivating children's book that will leave young readers excited to learn more about the joyous Indian festival. Our family has been reading this book for two years in a row. In fact, we recently shared the book with my child's classmates during Holi celebrations at school, and all the kids thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story and discovering more about this vibrant festival.

five star rating

Such a fun book to read aloud with your little ones especially if you want to keep them engaged during meal times. It will make them hungry and ask for more rotis. The book sets a great example of how to spend quality family time and kitchen is such a fun place to create delicious food together!

I enjoyed reading it with my 5 year old.

five star rating

What a beautiful book! My daughter loved the illustrations and enjoyed learning about Holi. I sent it into nursery with my youngest daughter and they recreated a sensory play activity for the children from one of the images. A simple story for children to follow and gain knowledge of this festival without being overloaded.

five star rating

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Hello! I am Sheena Garg, the face behind Haathi Tales.

Haathi Tales creates fun and simple Indian inspired picture books for children aged 0 to 6 years.

I founded Haathi Tales when I struggled to find contemporary Indian inspired picture books for my daughters in the UK.

I am passionate about diversifying bookshelves in schools, libraries and homes. I want all kids to grow up feeling represented in picture books!

I live in Manchester, UK with my husband and two daughters.

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